Do you have a co-product that needs to be resized or grinded? Mavitec Green Energy’s resizing systems are designed to resize all fruits, vegetables, shop returns, restaurant returns, agricultural co-products and various other products that acquire a smaller particle size, both dry and wet.

The resizing system consists of a reception hopper/tipper/bin or belt that feeds the material directly into the resizers. For example the Martinater, a fast swinging hammer mill that smashes your material into the required size you want. The system can be incorporated into existing situations (in line with production process) or stand alone. The slurry coming out of the Martinater will be automatically pumped into an intermediate storage tank.


Do you have a process that creates a lot of unpacked food waste and is your collection bin/container being collected nearly every day? Than we advise to convert the material into a pumpable slurry. By “closing the system” (no open containers of waste) and making it free of any smell, the food waste is converted into a sellable and easy to handle organic soup (input material for digesters).


Fruits & Vegetables
Agricultural Co-products
Packed Foodwaste
Whole Carcasses