Mavitec Green Energy offers the perfect bin for your material. The last thirty years we have designed a lot of customer specific solutions, engineered in-house by our team of excellent engineers. Looking for a simple, cost effective bin or a high quality stainless steel ‘in floor’ bunker that needs to comply with certain hygienic standards? Our bins are available for a wide variety of materials. 


10 m3 – 15 m3 – 26 m3 – 30 m3 – 40 m3 – 50 m3 – 80 m3 – 100 m3 – 150 m3.


  • Custom engineering for every purpose
  • High quality carbon, ST52 & stainless-steel
  • Above or sunk into the ground
  • Hydraulically controlled bin lids
  • Splash shields
  • Air ventilation connection holes
  • Draining systems
  • Mixers
  • Heated coils
  • Loading cells
  • 1 to 4 bottom conveyors in several sizes


Packed food waste
Unpacked food waste
Dead animals
Agricultural Co-products
Manure, digestate, straw