Grit Cyclone

Grit Cyclone

The Mavitec Grit Separator

The Grit Cyclone is designed to separate solids such as glass, stone and other types of grit from (organic) liquids. The solids are separated by the centrifugal forces in the cyclone. The separating efficiency is depended on particle size, viscosity of the liquid and number of passages through the cyclone. Part of the (organic) liquid arrives from the Depacker line whereas the rest arrives from an agitated buffer tank. Both streams are pumped into the cyclone.

The separation process take place in the cyclone. Solids will be collected below the cyclone in the grit buffer and liquid will flow towards the agitated buffer. In the agitated buffer is the liquid partly pumped over the cyclone again to obtain a multiple cleaning cycle, and excess will be discharged to the organic output. The solids (grit) are accumulated below the cyclone in the grit buffer. This grit buffer is discharged into the grit washing drum at set times. The grit
washing drum will also add water to separate grit from remaining organic solids. Grit is conveyed to the grit discharge and liquid is pumped to the inlet of
the recirculation pump to be processed again. The system is intended to be used for pumpable, up to 21% dry solid, organic liquids.


  • Extemely clean soups
  • Plug & play solution
  • Heavy duty execution
  • Compact size
  • Available for long & short term rental

Technical details:

  • Capacity: up to 30m3/hr
  • Installed Power: 25 kW