The Fats/Yellow grease recycling process handles all sorts of used cooking oils. These cooking oils can come from multiple sources, for example from snack bars and butter factories etc.

For harder fats like butter in smaller capacity we can heat the material with our heated screw conveyor that will melt screen the material (removal of packaging), optional preshredding of the packaging is possible with  The Martinater 500 or the Martinater 700.

For the higher capacity system we will describe an example high capacity project including fats and oil below:

Fat melting system
In this project the fats/yellow grease are collected in barrels. These fats still include fines from the cooking process. The clients wanted to clean liquid fats which could be sold.

Mavitec Green Energy developed the Fat melting bins. This system has a unique design because it was developed in cooperation with a client. The fat melting system consists of a stainless steel melting bin, a sediment conveyor for the solids, multiple drain points for the melted fats and oils, and a hydraulic moveable floor.

Process of used cooking fats:

Engineerings output of the Fat Melting bins

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1. The used cooking fats are collected in collection boxes or barrels
2. The collection boxes and barrels are transported to the Fat Melting Bin by a belt conveyor
3. The collection boxes and barrels are placed on the hydraulic moveable floor from the Fat Melting Bin
4a. The lids of the barrels can be transported with an optional monorail system to a cleaning system
4b. The hydraulic moveable floor including the collection boxes and barrels sinks into a warm bad of fats, in order to melt the fats out of the collection boxes and barrels
5. The fines sink to the bottom of the bin by settling
6a. The clean fats are pumped to the next step in the process
6b. The settled fines are conveyed out of the bottom of the bin
7. After the melting process the moveable floor is raised and the empty barrels and collection boxes can be transported with an optional monorail system to cleaning system.

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