Martinator 500

Martinator 500

Martinater 500

The Martinater 500 is a hammer mill solution for grinding coproducts and is suitable for shop returns, restaurant returns, agricultural co-products and other materials that need to be reduced in size.

The Martinater 500 is equipped with swing hammers and has proved its capabilities in the market for years. The machine is also suitable for pumpkins, potatoes and various other co-products.


  • Heavy duty execution
  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Compact size
  • Swing hammer principle
  • Variable sizes available due to easy change of screens
  • Special collection section for tramp materials


  • Capacity: 4,5 m3 – 10 m3 per hour*
  • Installed power: 22 kWh (estimated consumed 19 kWh)

* depending on material composition


Fruits & Vegetables
Agricultural Co-products
Packed Foodwaste