Paddle Washer

Paddle Washer

Paddle Washer

The Paddle Washer is designed to wash the packaging and decrease the weight of the packaging output. The machine delivers an extremely clean plastic, creates more yield in organic fraction and significantly saves on disposal costs.


  • Up to 30% reduction packaging weight
  • Save on packaging disposal costs
  • Heavy duty execution
  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Compact size
  • Fast & easy access for easy maintenance, inspection and cleaning
  • Fixed shaft execution
  • Variable screen sizes available
  • Low installed power
  • Low water consumption
  • Integration into Paddle Depacker and other depackaging systems possible
  • Available in carbon steel model


  • Capacity:  up to 12 m3 per hour *
  • Installed power: 37 kW

* depending on input material composition



The machine is connected to the Paddle Depacker or other depackaging system. Inside friction between the packaging and the organic material is created by a fast rotating shaft with paddles. During this process liquid can be injected on several positions on top of the machine. The paddles smash the packaging/plastics and force the residual organic pulp through small holes in the screens. The organic fraction is collected in the bottom of the machine and can be pumped into the desired location. This organic liquid fraction can be used in pre-treatment steps or send directly to the storage tank. The clean and dry packaging will be discharged at the end of the machine.