Mavitec Green Energy is specialized in food waste and depackaging solutions with short payback times and high separation efficiency. With large installed base and proven concepts that comply with latest legislation, we help you convert your organic fraction into value. Mavitec Green Energy solutions create the cleanest organic output and highest separation results in the market. 

food waste & depackaging solutions

  • Depacking & recycling of various kinds of food waste
    (supermarket, restaurant & hotel, kerbside waste)
  • Size reduction of agricultural & food production co-products
  • Volume and weight reduction of packaging/RDF fractions
  • Washing and dewatering packaging/RDF fractions
  • Melting of used cooking oils
  • Reception, storage and transportation of wet & dry raw materials

HIgh Quality

With decades of experience we are able to fine tune your processes to ensure higher quality end-products and a better turnover as a result. Mavitec Green Energy is able to offer cost effective solutions that guarantee the best handling of your material with the best appropriate hygiene standards. We offer a wide range of stand alone equipment and full processing lines, standard or custom made. Mavitec Green Energy is your partner for turn-key solutions as well.