French farmer and biogas installation

In France the Paddle Depacker is installed at SCEA Mont-aux-Roux, farmer with biogas installation in Normandy. The machine processes various kinds of supermarket waste and separates the packaging from the organic material. The clean organic soup is used for clients’ biogas installation. The Paddle Depacker allows the customer to depack materials on site. According to customer the Paddle Depacker is the perfect choice because:...
Paddle Depacker Denmark
Cleanest organic output

Successful waste processing in Denmark

In 2020 the Danish Randers Municipality invested in a plant that is able to process waste from citizens into a...
Paddle Depacker complete line

Packed food waste in Romania

One of our valued Romanian customers selected Mavitec Green Energy to increase capacity for his food waste depackaging installations. After...
Cleanest organic output

Paddle Depacker in Poland

At Biogazownia Brézno in Poland Mavitec Green Energy installed a Paddle Depacker to produce the cleanest organic output (>99,5% clean)...



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