Used cooking oils

Used cooking oils

Mavitec Green Energy solutions are able to convert fats, oils, tallows, grease and other kinds of used cooking oils into clean liquid fats. These cooking oils come from multiple sources, for example from snack bars, restaurants, supermarkets or industrial processes. Fats/yellow grease are either collected in barrels or in consumer containers. These fats can still include fines from the cooking process or packaging.


Mavitec Green Energy developed the fat melting bins. This system with a unique design and consists of a stainless steel melting bin, a sediment conveyor for the solids, multiple drain points for the melted fats and oils and a hydraulic moveable floor. 


For harder fats such as butter in smaller capacities we can heat the material with our heated screw conveyor that will melt screen the material (removal of packaging). Optional pre-shredding of the packaging is possible with the Martinater 500 or the Martinater 700. 

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Used cooking oils

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