Waste packaging

Waste packaging

Mavitec offers several solutions to handle waste packaging by cleaning/washing with our washing drum or dewatering/pressing with our dewatering press. Mavitec Washing Drum cleans the removed inorganic materials from the food depackaging or kerbside waste recycling systems. The non-organic material will be cleaned with warm water to make it free from fats and other organic material.


  • Reduce the weight and the volume of the non-organic materials
  • Which results in lower costs for disposal

Read more information on Washing. Mavitec Dewatering press will be able to lower the moisture content of the packaging material/ RDF streams dramatically. And hereby lowering the moisture content.

Our solutions for
Waste packaging

Dewatering press

Reduce volume and weight in packaged material.

Paddle Washer

Washing unit delivers extremely clean and dry packaging output.