Supermarket waste

Supermarket waste

Supermarket waste contains leftovers from supermarkets or hypermarkets, such as outdated food waste, damaged products or products that will be deleted out of the product range. When these products (dry or wet) are separated from their packaging, it becomes a high quality and valuable input for digesters. 


Mavitec Green Energy offers the perfect solution for handling supermarket waste: the Paddle Depacker is a complete food waste & depackaging solution that separates the organic fraction from the packaging. This high capacity machine produces a very clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations. The Paddle Depacker is available with a capacity up to 30 m3 per hour and also available in a compact size: the Paddle Depacker Model S (1-5 m3 p/h). The Paddle Depacker is also suitable for handling restaurant/hotel waste and kerbside waste.

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Supermarket waste

Mavitec Paddle Depacker 2.0

Paddle Depacker 2.0

High capacity depackaging unit separates the organic material from the packaging up to 30 m3 per hour.
Model S Open

Paddle Depacker Model S

Compact sized depackaging machine separates the organic material from the packaging. The Paddle Depacker Model S handles up to 5 m3 per hour.