Other food co-products

Other food co-products

Other food production co-products are; not standard but unwanted products that come free during a production process, or a batch or strange unwanted products or it can be Products with wrong label or packaging or products that do not meet your standards and are not suitable to enter the market. Most of these products are mono stream (single stream) and can be separated easily.

Other products can be: Dough from bread factory, pasta, meat cutup, fruits/coconuts, 10 liter cans and also shampoo bottles.

Do you have a strange unwanted products that you want to separate from its packaging or shred into a pumpable slurry? Mavitec Green Energy offers a wide range of solutions for other kinds of packed food waste. With our own engineering department and over 20 years of experience in processing food waste, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your products or problem can be solved by our professional and experienced team. 

It is also possible to TEST YOUR OWN MATERIAL with our testing lines that are available for rent.

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Other food co-products

Paddle Depacker 2.0

High capacity depackaging unit separates the organic material from the packaging up to 30 m3 per hour.

Paddle Depacker Model S

Compact sized depackaging machine separates the organic material from the packaging. The Paddle Depacker Model S handles up to 5 m3 per hour.