Restaurant/Hotel waste contains leftovers from the hotels & restaurants from kitchen leftovers to unfinished plates. Also outdated products or damaged food products. This waste material is more polluted than the supermarket waste and can contain contaminants like: forks, knifes & small bones.

An impression of this type of waste can be found on the images below:


How to handle restaurant & hotel waste?
Mavitec’s Paddle Depacker is the perfect solution to handle your restaurant/hotel waste and separate packaging from the organic fraction. The Paddle Depacker is available in two different sizes and could be interested for you in the quantity from 3m3 up to 30m3 per hour. Instead of several machines as a line this machine can do it all in one, with clean soups and clean packaging fraction! No problems with forks and knifes as they will go out with the packaging discharge conveyor. Besides the restaurant/hotel waste this machine can also process supermarket- & kerbside waste.

More info can be found on: Paddle Depacker.