The Paddle Depacker is specially designed to separate the packaging from the organic material. It produces a clean organic output that is extremely suitable for biogas installations. With its simple and low maintenance design the Paddle Depacker distinguishes itself from other systems.

Paddle Depacker

The working principle:
The waste product is fed into the machine with an screw conveyor. When entering the machine the rotating axle with paddles will smash the material. We do not shred the material and here for the size of the packaging will remain. Due to the smashing action the organic fraction is forced to pass through the interchangeable screens (6 mm to 50 mm). The angle of the paddles is adjustable so we can set the perfect retention time for your product. During the process is it possible to add liquids on top of the machine, these liquids can be waste products as well. The cleaned packaging material will leave the machine on the end (bottom right). The cleaned organic fraction can be pumped to the location of the customer.

Paddle Depacker

It is possible to test your material in our new test machine, you can get a small impression of the Paddle Depacker in this video:

Process of the unpacking food waste (kerbside waste recycling process with Paddle Depacker)
1. The kerbside waste is collected in a hopper or bin
2. A screw conveyor transports the material into the Paddle Depacker
3. The Paddle Depacker, by its rotating shaft, separates the organics from the packaging
4. Clean organic material will be collected under the Paddle Depacker and can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation
5. The removed packaging leaves the Paddle Depacker via a screw conveyor into a compacting container or into a dewatering press to reduce the weight even more.

Watch more installation videos on our Youtube channel.

Special Features:
• Cleanest organic soup: with official lab test results > 99,5%
• Capacity: up to 30 m3 per hour
• Supermarket, restaurant waste, kerbside waste and many more!
• Variable screen sizes available
• Heavy duty execution
• Quick Hydraulic opening doors for easy cleaning
• Also available in full stainless steel version