Mavitec can help you with the perfect bin for your specific material. Mavitec storage bins are engineered in house by our top team of engineers and available for a great variety of materials. If you are looking for a simple cost effective bin or a high quality stainless steel ‘in floor’ bunker that needs to comply with certain hygienic standards, Mavitec can help you.
In the last 30 years we have designed a lot of customer specific solutions, we have a massive database with existing drawings that could contain your perfect bin without having to pay an engineering fee! Please contact our sales department to ask for the possibilities.

Standard bin sizes are:
10 m3 – 15 m3 – 26 m3 – 30 m3 – 40 m3 – 50 m3 – 80 m3 -100 m3 – 150 m3.


Our bins are designed to handle:
• Packed foodwaste (wet, dry or both)
• Unpacked foodwaste
• Manure, Digestate, Straw
• Agricultural waste (whole or cut)
• Animal by products (from intestines to whole animals)

Additional options are:
• Custom engineering for every purpose
• High quality • Carbon, ST52 & Stainless-steel
• Above or sunk into the ground
• Hydraulically controlled bin lids
• Splash shields
• Air ventilation connection holes
• Draining systems
• Mixers
• Heated coils
• Loading cells
• 1 to 4 bottom conveyors in several sizes

More information can be found on our Bins flyer.

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