Innovation: reduce packaging weight

Mavitec Green Energy proudly presents… the Paddle Washer! After creating the cleanest organic output with the Paddle Depacker our engineers have been focusing on upgrading the plastic fraction. The Paddle Washer delivers the perfect plastic output, dry and extremely clean. The machine washes the packaging and decreases the weight of the packaging output up to […]

New! Paddle Washer for cleaner plastic

Mavitec Green Energy’s latest innovation is a machine that delivers the perfect plastic output, dry and extremely clean. To fulfill the demand for a cleaner plastic output, we developed a machine that can be integrated into the Paddle Depacker line or any other depackaging system. The Paddle Washer is designed to produce a cleaner and […]

Spectacular entrance in Bordeaux

Spectacular entrance! The Paddle Depacker Roadshow is ready to steel the show at EXPOBIOGAZ in Bordeaux. From 8-9 June you can visit Mavitec Green Energy outside at the main entrance of the exhibition hall. Pascal Albers, Cris Gonzalez and Mischa Henselmans can’t wait to tell you everything about the machine and love to show you how it works. Want to […]

Second edition Paddle Depacker Roadshow

Proud to present the second edition of our mobile test unit! To follow up the success of the first Paddle Depacker Roadshow a second trailer is ready to serve more customers. Our new Roadshow is now on its way across Europe, ready to turn supermarket and other organic waste into the cleanest organic soups for […]

Successful results Paddle Depacker Model S

The latest addition to our depackaging range, the Paddle Depacker Model S, the compact version of the Paddle Depacker: a high capacity depackaging unit that separates the organic material from the packaging. The Paddle Depacker turns various kinds of waste into clean organic soups (> 99,5% clean), handles up to 30 m3 material per hour and […]

Croatian bio-waste management challenges

Nice article in the latest issue of the Croatian magazine TechnoEko (July-August 2021) about the power of the Paddle Depacker and promising results in creating the cleanest organic output that complies to latest European legislation. Croatian: read article online or download article as pdf. English: read the complete article below. The Power of the Paddle Depacker […]