Innovation: reduce packaging weight

Innovation: reduce packaging weight

Mavitec Green Energy proudly presents… the Paddle Washer! After creating the cleanest organic output with the Paddle Depacker our engineers have been focusing on upgrading the plastic fraction. The Paddle Washer delivers the perfect plastic output, dry and extremely clean. The machine washes the packaging and decreases the weight of the packaging output up to 30% , resulting in significant savings on disposal costs. Testing results show an extremely clean plastic and more yield in organic fraction. The Paddle Washer can be integrated into our Paddle Depacker line and into other depackaging systems as well.

The Paddle Washer is also available for rental and testing, also at your own site.
Interested? Contact our Sales Department.

Mavitec Green Energy’s Paddle Depacker already proved to be the most efficient and economic solution to depack a wide variety of supermarket and other kinds of food waste.
This machine separates the organic fraction from the packaging and produces an extremely clean organic output (>99,5%) that is suitable for use in e.g. biogas/biodiesel installations.



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