Successful results Paddle Depacker Model S

Successful results Paddle Depacker Model S

The latest addition to our depackaging range, the Paddle Depacker Model S, the compact version of the Paddle Depacker: a high capacity depackaging unit that separates the organic material from the packaging. The Paddle Depacker turns various kinds of waste into clean organic soups (> 99,5% clean), handles up to 30 m3 material per hour and produces a clean packaging output as well.

The Paddle Depacker Model S handles 1 – 5 m3 of food waste per hour and is particularly suitable for treating (locally) organic waste, from households, city catering, nursing homes, food shops, hospitals, markets or supermarkets. Thanks to a unique system of adjustable paddles and interchangeable screen sizes (from 6 to 50 mm), the organic output is adaptable depending on the nature of the inputs and the requirements for downstream valuation of the organic soup.

The Paddle Depacker Model S is capable of handling a wide variety of food waste: from dry products (without adding water) to wet and mixed products such as unsold supermarket products, dairy products, chocolate, cookies, crisps, bread, sauces and packaged products such as fish, vegetables and beverages. Also very robust and easy to maintain and clean.

Want to test your own material? Contact us for rental possibilities at your own site or at Mavitec headquarters Heerhugowaard.


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