Paddle Depacker Roadshow in Scandinavia

Paddle Depacker Roadshow in Scandinavia

Paddle Depacker Roadshow Scandinavia

The Mavitec Paddle Depacker Roadshow completed a successful journey through Scandinavia, demonstrating the capabilities of the Paddle Depacker with various types of input materials.

During this roadshow, we tested the depacker with organic household waste in both paper and plastic bags, as well as commercial waste. The result was impressive, as the Paddle Depacker achieved high separation efficiency and transformed the waste into a clean organic soup.

Our Manager of Sales met with several clients and showcased the unique features that make the Paddle Depacker a valuable addition to the recycling and biogas industries. Many potential customers observed the live demonstrations with great interest.

Curious to see how the Paddle Depacker performs with your own materials on-site? Visit our rental page to learn more about the available rental options.


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