Packed food waste in Romania

Packed food waste in Romania

Our case in Romania
Paddle Depacker complete line

One of our valued Romanian customers selected Mavitec Green Energy to increase capacity for his food waste depackaging installations. After successful use of the small model (Model S -1-5 m3 / hour) the higher capacity version of this depackaging machine was choosen to process various kinds of packed food waste products. The Paddle Depacker handles up to 30 m3/hour, produces the cleanest organic output (>99,5% clean!) and is able to process dry and wet products, a unique feature! Genesis also selected our Martinater line to process different kinds of fruits & vegetables into a pumpable slurry. The organic output of both lines will be used in clients’ biogas installations.


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“The most efficient and economic solution to depack a large variety of products”

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