Food waste depacking at SUEZ Lille

The new bio-waste processing line is designed to handle a great variety of food wastes with the goal to separating the organic fractions from the packaging materials, with unmatched quality on both streams. Of course all in compliance with current and future legislation. We’re proud to be partnering with industry leaders like SUEZ to create a more […]

Depackaging Food Waste: An Innovative Solution for Agricultural Farms

Case Agriflander France

Depackaging refers to the process of separating food waste from its packaging materials. It involves the mechanical separation of organic waste, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and leftover food, from packaging components like plastic bags, cartons, and cans. This method ensures that the organic matter can be properly processed and used for various purposes, while […]

Processing 60 tons of food waste per hour

Mavitec x Orgaworld 24-min

Mavitec Green Energy installed four Paddle Depackers that handle up to 60 tons of food waste per hour! Renewi Organics selected our machines to process various kinds of supermarket and organic waste and turn it into  the cleanest organic soups. The Paddle Depacker separates the organic fraction from the packaging and produces a clean organic […]


Successful food waste depacking in France! Our Paddle Depacker turns a variety of shop/supermarket returns and many other food products into the cleanest organic soups. Due to our special twin screw feeding design we are even depacking big bags with food waste as well as complete cardboard boxes. See the case video below.


Successful ice cream processing! Our Paddle Depacker turns different kinds of ice cream into the cleanest organic soups. See the case video below.

Food waste processing in Croatia

Successful food waste processing in Croatia! Our Paddle Depacker turns a variety of shop/supermarket returns and many other food products into the cleanest organic soups. See the case video below.

French farmer and biogas installation

In France the Paddle Depacker is installed at SCEA Mont-aux-Roux, farmer with biogas installation in Normandy. The machine processes various kinds of supermarket waste and separates the packaging from the organic material. The clean organic soup is used for clients’ biogas installation. The Paddle Depacker allows the customer to depack materials on site. According to […]

Successful waste processing in Denmark

Paddle Depacker Denmark

In 2020 the Danish Randers Municipality invested in a plant that is able to process waste from citizens into a uniform pulp, which can be delivered to the biogas plant at the municipality’s treatment plant. Randers Municipality purchased a complete Mavitec Paddle Depacker waste processing plant through LSH-Biotech by Christian Dreyer. The plant is in […]

Packed food waste in Romania

Paddle Depacker complete line

One of our valued Romanian customers selected Mavitec Green Energy to increase capacity for his food waste depackaging installations. After successful use of the small model (Model S -1-5 m3 / hour) the higher capacity version of this depackaging machine was choosen to process various kinds of packed food waste products. The Paddle Depacker handles […]

Paddle Depacker in Poland

At Biogazownia Brézno in Poland Mavitec Green Energy installed a Paddle Depacker to produce the cleanest organic output (>99,7% clean) that complies to latest European legislation. Latest lab results show even less than 0,2 % physical impurities in the dry matter in pulp from various kinds of food waste.