Paddle Depacker Roadshow nominated for AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020!

Paddle Depacker Roadshow nominated for AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020!

Mavitec Green Energy is nominated for the AD and Biogas Industry Awards 2020! Our Paddle Depacker Roadshow is on the shortlist for Best R&D Innovation Award.
Next month Mavitec Green Energy will be online present at The World Biogas Summit and Expo from 6-8 October. Register to attend or free. Nice to meet you there!


Paddle Depacker Roadshow
Mavitec Green Energy’s Paddle Depacker produces the cleanest organic output, with official lab results > 99,5% clean. The organic fraction meets latest legislation such as PAS-110. This food waste depackaging unit can handle up to 30 m3 material per hour and produces a very clean plastic fraction as well. This complete food waste depackaging unit separates the organic material from the packagin and delivers a very clean organic output (>99,5 % clean!) that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations. The Paddle Depacker Roadshow is a unique opportunity to see the machine running and test your own material at your own site.

How it works
The Paddle Depacker is installed on a trailer and will be located at customers’ site. The system is up and running in less than 1 hour; only power and/or liquid is needed. By bringing the machine to the site, customers are able to test their own material at their own site. This way they can see how the machine works, including the exact output results of their own material.
Besides immediate results customers experience an absolute guarantee of their investment. The unit is operated easily by a digital control panel with touch screen. The machine can be tested on a wide variety of materials, from packed and unpacked supermarket waste to various kinds of food/hotel/restaurant/kerbside waste. The Paddle Depacker handles up to 30 m3 material per hour and complies with latest European legislation. The machine produces a very clean organic output as well as the cleanest packaging fraction in the market (< 2,5% organic on packaging). Thanks to unique paddles and variable screen sizes it is possible to produce an output according to clients needs. The Paddle Depacker produces the highest purity of the organic end-product and meets the highest standards in the European food recycling industry.

See how it works? Watch the video!

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Paddle Depacker Roadshow - Trailer front


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