>99,5% clean organic output with Paddle Depacker

>99,5% clean organic output with Paddle Depacker

The Paddle Depacker produces the cleanest organic output (>99,5% clean) and complies to latest European legislation such as PAS110 (UK) and VEJ nr 9609 af 24/07/2018 (Denmark). Latest lab results show even less than 0,2 % physical impurities in the dry matter in pulp from various kinds of food waste! 

width= With several installations running across Europe our Paddle Depacker complies to various European legislations (such as UK – PAS110, Denmark – VEJ nr 9609 af 24/07/2018, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France). Latest lab results show even less than 0,2 % physical impurities in the dry matter in pulp from different sources of food waste! Mavitec G reen Energy is specialized in recycling systems for processing organic by-products from the food industry and agricultural sector. Smart and sustainable solutions to separate the organic material from the packaging. The output is extremely suitable for several purposes such as biogas/biodiesel installations.


Revolutionary results
The Paddle Depacker separates the organic material from the packaging and turns various kinds of waste into clean organic soups. Mavitec guarantees 99,5% clean soups. The paddle depacker handles up to 30 m3 material per hour and produces a clean packaging output as well. For more info about the clean soup ask the sales department for more information.



Waste to energy

As waste is considered more and more as a potential source of energy, successful waste management is about utilising the potential of waste. Mavitec Green Energy’s clients vary from big municipal waste collectors to supermarkets, food producers and biogas plants that generate valuable energy from bio-waste. The output complies with latest European legislation. The fact that the clean organic output is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations helps to displace fossil fuels in the energy system. The plastic fraction is suitable for recycling.


A wide variety of products
After successful installations Mavitec Green Energy continues innovating and testing the machine in the field. This year the Paddle Depacker has continually been tested on different kinds of products at several plants across Europe, Russia and Middle East. The challenge was to test a wide variety of materials and packaging. The list of products processed is impressive: supermarket returns, dairy products, chocolate, cookies, chips, bread, sauces and canned products such as fish, vegetables and drinks. The Paddle Depacker is able to process a wide variety of products and materials, from dry to wet products and a mix of different materials as well, still having low maintenance and operating costs.


Want to turn your (food) waste into the cleanest organic output and make green energy out of it?
Contact us: sales@mavitec.com.




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