Discover the improved Paddle Depacker 2.0

Discover the improved Paddle Depacker 2.0

Paddle Depacker 2.0

After installing over 200 Paddle Depacker machines globally, we’ve taken our innovative waste processing solution to the next level with the Paddle Depacker 2.0! This advanced version is designed to separate packaging from organic material efficiently, producing a clean output that’s perfect for biogas installations. Its simple, low-maintenance design sets it apart from other systems, making it a leader in waste management technology.

Highlights of the Paddle Depacker 2.0

  • Increased overall durability / strength of machine: Engineered for extended use and reliability.
  • Improved safety standards and easiness of operation.
  • High capacity: Processes up to 30 cubic meters of waste per hour.
  • Superior quality output: Achieves over 99.7% clean organic material, in line with European and worldwide standards.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for various waste types, including supermarket, household, and industrial organic waste.


Visit our Paddle Depacker page to learn more about the machine and contact us to explore our testing and rental options!


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