A well-known and appreciated system in the market and widely used to process supermarket returns, Mavitec has installed over 50 of these systems worldwide.
The Food Depacking line or Shop return line consists of a Martinater (special hammer mill), a Shop Return Press and in addition a Washing Drum can be added to produce even cleaner packaging (up to 99,7%). This line is designed for monostream supermarket returns.

Process of the Food Depacking line:
1. The material is collected in a hopper or bin
2. A screw conveyor transports the raw material into the Martinater
3. The Martinater (500 or 700) breaks/shredders the raw material by hammer milling for opening the packaging
4. A screw conveyor transports the material into the Shop Return Press
5. The Shop Return Press separates the packaging from the organic material by pressing the organic material out of the packaging
6. Clean organic material will be collected under the Shop Return Press in a dripping pan. The organic material can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation where eventually green electricity and warmth is created
7. The removed packaging leaves the Shop Return Press
8.1 Collected in a box
8.2 Transported with a screw conveyor into the container
8.3 Transported with a screw conveyor into the washing drum for cleaning the packaging. The cleaned packaging is transported to option 8.1 or 8.2 and the organic material is pumped back into the process.