Your process starts with storage and feeding. Mavitec offers high quality solutions for conveying and storage of a great variety of raw materials or finished product, either liquid or dry.

Are you looking for a bin, hopper, storage tank, conveyor or press? With over 30 years of experience in storage and handling material we are able to offer cost effective solutions that guarantee the best handling of your material with the appropriate hygiene standards.


Materials handled by our solutions are:
Foodwaste (packed & unpacked), kerbside waste, agricultural waste, manure, feathers, intestines, complete dead animals, blood, liquid whey, waste water, bones and many more.

Mavitec storage solutions are available in a wide range of configurations. Available from small 1m3 hoppers up to 200m3 in floor bunkers with multiple bottom conveyors. All possible in different qualities of steel (mild carbon CS or full stainless SS).

Additional options are:
• Hydraulically controlled bin lids
• Air ventilation connection holes
• Draining systems
• Mixers
• Heated coils
• Loading cells

Control panels:
Due to our extensive experience in the field of panel construction, we are able to offer a product range varying from one switch panel to complex PLC, PC or HMI touch screen control panels.

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