Mavitec Green Energy is an expert in designing and producing recycling systems for processing organic by-products from the food industry and agricultural sector. With large installed base and proven concepts that comply with latest legislation, we help you convert your organic fraction into value.

We specialize in engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation of system for the:
• Reception and Storage of Foodwaste, Agricultrural and Animal by-products
• Depacking of several food waste products (supermarket-, hotel & restaurant waste)
• Size reduction of agricultural & food production co-products
• Washing, Dewatering and Pressing of Packaging/RDF fractions
• Transportation of wide range of different products
• Recycling of kerbside waste or brown bin waste
• Sterilization, Pasteurization of co-products
• Melting of fats/yellow grease


With decades of experience we are able to fine tune your processes to ensure higher quality end-products and a better turnover as a result. Our goal is maximizing your turnover and reducing your operational expenses.

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