Unpacked foodwaste is a great variety of products such as fruits, vegetables, agricultural co-products (cut or whole), unpacked food waste from restaurants or households. These co-products are highly digestible which makes them ideal for biogas installations or animal feed.

However to create a easy to handle and digestible products the material needs to be cut down to below 7 mm (minimal size to get optimum digestibility in the digesters) into a pumpable slurry.

How to handle unpacked foodwaste?
Choose a Mavitec’s Resizing system that contain a reception hopper/tipper/bin or belt that feeds the material into our Martinater. A Fast swinging hammer mill that will smash your product to the size you want (screens are available between 50 mm and 6 mm). The slurry coming out of the Martinater will be automatically pumped to intermediate storage tank.

If you have a process that creates a lot of unpacked food waste and you collection bin/container is being collected nearly every day it would be wise to look at razing the material into a pumpable slurry. Hereby closing the system making it free of any smell and convert the waste into a sellable and easy to handle soup (input material for digesters).


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