Supermarket waste contains leftovers from the supermarkets or hypermarkets. Outdated foodwaste, damaged products or products that will go out of their product range. When these products are separated from there packaging with a Mavitec depackaging solution it can be a very high input for digesters. The products can be both dry and wet.

Most common products are: Packed Patatoes, Packed Vegetables, Packed Fruits, Potato chips, Drinks in Plastic Bottles, Sandwiches, Tetra Pak Containers, all food in Soft Packaging, Sachets, Confectionery, Pet foods, Processed meats, Tea, Beans, Cereals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Sachets, Ice cream, Water Ice, Beverages (bottle), Beverages (can), Cigarettes, Custard, Sauces, Yogurt, Biscuits, Coffee, Oil filters, Soups, Coleslaw, Detergents, Pasta, Sugar, Patato Gratin, Bread Products, Hotel/Restaurant waste, Canned Products, Drums, Various Containers, Baby foods, Powdered milk and many more.


How to handle supermarket waste?
Mavitec offers two solutions to handle supermarket waste. The first one is our shop return line, especially designed for supermarket waste. This line consist of a Martinater (hammer mill) shop return press (organics press) and a washingdrum for the packaging. With this you are guaranteed to convert your waste into cleanest output possible in the market today.

More info about this process can be found on: Shop return line

The other solution we have for supermarket waste is our Paddle Depacker line. Available in two different sizes. Instead of several machines as a line this machine can do it all in one. Besides the supermarket waste other materials like restaurant/hotel waste & kerbside waste can be handled in this machine. More info can be found on: Paddle Depacker.