Kerbside collected waste contains the organic segregated waste from households. This fraction can contain: left overs from dinner, cooking, outdated supermarket products and much more. It van contain contaminants in the form of pieces of metal, Stones, big branches and other unwanted material.


How to handle kerbside waste?
Mavitec’s Paddle Depacker is the perfect solution to handle your kerbside waste. The Paddle Depacker is an robust and tough design with easy maintenance options. These are critical when processing kerbside waste. The machine is available in two different sizes and could be interested for you in the quantity from 3m3 up to 30m3 per hour. Instead of several machines as a line this machine can do it all in one, with clean soups and clean packaging fraction! Besides the kerbside waste other materials like restaurant/hotel waste & supermarket waste can be handled in this machine. More info can be found on: Paddle Depacker.

Process of wet kerbside waste recycling:
1. The kerbside waste is collected in a hopper or bin
2. A screw conveyor transports the material into the Paddle Depacker
3. The Paddle Depacker, by its rotating shaft, separates the organics from the packaging
4. Clean organic material will be collected under the Paddle Depacker and can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation
5. The removed packaging leaves the Paddle Depacker via a screw conveyor into a compacting container or into a dewatering press to reduce the weight even more.

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