Mavitec Environmental offers a new way of solving manure issues by converting various kinds of manure into green energy and EcoChar, a high value biochar with a lot of applications: gasification.

Gasification is a chemical reaction caused by heating material. Besides heat, the gasifier produces EcoChar, a high quality and valuable by-product. The gasification process ensures a smaller environmental carbon footprint and will be one of the answers to our future energy needs.

Advantages of gasification:
• Solve Litter / Manure / Organic waste/ Sludge challenges
• Reducing volumes up to 85%
• Handles up to 55 ton litter/manure per single unit, per day (20-30% moisture).
• Reduce CO2 emissions of the farm to improve carbon footprint
• High Energy content of the hot air can be used for various applications
• Possibility of high capacity steam generation (7.7 ton steam, 10bar)
• Possibility of electricity generation can easily go to 1 MW or more
• For many processes you will safe 95% of the fossil fuel required
• Produces high quality EcoChar end product

Materials to Gasify:
Many products are suitable for gasification such as Poultry/Cattle/Porcine manure, Sludge, Biosolids etc. Click here for more info and/or check with our sales department what we can do for you. Most gasifiers in operations run solely on wood with limited variation. We have multiple full-scale systems running on poultry litter/manure, porcine and cattle manure.

Maximize the value of your waste stream and improve the environment!

For more (technical) information check out our website Mavitec Environmental