How to handle fruits and vegetables?

With fruits and vegetables we mean every fruit and every vegetable, from coconut to mango, from sugarcane to cabbage.

Choose Mavitec’s Resizing system that contain a reception hopper/tipper/bin or belt that feeds the material into our Martinater. A fast swinging hammer mill that will smash your product to the size you want (screens are available between 50 mm and 6 mm). The slurry coming out of the Martinater will be automatically pumped to intermediate storage tank.

If you have a process that creates a lot of unpacked food waste and you collection bin/container is being collected nearly every day it would be wise to look at converting the material into a pumpable slurry. Hereby closing the system making it free of any smell and convert the waste into a sellable and easy to handle soup (input material for digesters).

More information about this system can be found here (Resizing). It is even possible to try out one of our Martinaters.

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