The recycling industry processes materials (waste) into new products to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials. Mavitec Green Energy focuses specifically on the recycling of food and food co-products. These co-products can be organic household waste, shop returns from supermarkets, fats from snackbars, restaurant leftovers, agricultural waste etc..

We have developed six unique systems for the recycling of these various co-products:
• Packed Food Waste
• Unpacked Food Waste
• Monoflows
• Used cooking oils
• Kerbside waste
• Animal by-products
• Gasification

What do the systems of Mavitec Green Energy offer you?
• Short payback times (Fast ROI)
• High quality end-products
• High quality machinery
• Proven concepts
• Better hygiene; because the organic material can be stored in a closed tank
• Lower transport costs; the waste streams are processed into a bulky material
• Environment friendly; waste becomes energy in a durable manner thus sustainable

With the added value of Mavitec Green Energy, you will be able to utilize the value in your organic residual streams!

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